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body glove paddle pals life-jacket
Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Jacket

Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Jacket is a swim aid thing for kids. Often we call it a swim vest. The infants or toddlers slip their arms through a life jacket-type body vest, then their parents buckle the puddle pals from behind to secure the toddlers. Yeah, puddle pals and paddle pals are the same things.

So why do parents want something that helps toddlers swim in the pool? Isn’t it too early for toddlers to jump in a swimming pool? Look, this body glove floating suit is a much better version of the water wings we wore in childhood. Body glove infant PFD is more like a flotation vest. There is no risk for infants, and they enjoy time with their parents in the water. 

Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Jacket-Front
Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Jacket-buckle strap

Here we’ll talk about the Body glove paddle pals life jacket and try to let you know every detail about the body glove paddle pals unicorn one too. So get ready for the vacation and be ready to have the body glove kidswear for your toddler.

Body Glove Paddle Pals vs Puddle Jumper

Before going into the direct review of the infant body glove life jacket, we think it’s better to tell you about another almost similar term, puddle jumper. The objectives of paddle pals and poodle jumpers are practically similar; they both are for assisting kids in swimming. 

But People get confused quickly when they see paddle pals and puddle jumpers for the first time. They both look pretty similar; just different companies call this kid’s life vest paddle pals and puddle jumpers. 

So basically, they have no difference. In fact, these two things have a similarity: they have floating support on the chest, but unlike other PFD, these paddle pals and puddle jumpers lack head support.

Comparison Table between Body Glove Paddle Pals vs Puddle Jumper:

FeaturePaddle PalsPuddle Jumper
TypeInflatable arm floatsInflatable swim vest
Age Range2-6 years old4-10 years old
DesignAnimal-shaped inflatable armbandsInflatable vest with straps
BuoyancyProvides support for learning to swimProvides buoyancy for learning to swim
Safety FeaturesAdjustable safety strapAdjustable safety strap and buckle

Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Jacket

Body Glove life jacket Canada is very well known to us. This vest is well known to people because Transport Canada and the US Coast Guard have approved this paddle pals life jacket. This fun thing for kids meets U.S.C.G and TC standards regarding quality and safety.

Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Jacket-Approval



Weight:0.27 kilos


Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Jacket-comfortable


Feature at a Glance:

● This swimming assistance is a level 70 PFD for kids. 

● It has received much approval from different organizations to measure safety for kids. 

● It is made of polyester, so toddlers will not feel uncomfortable. 

● Comes with a multi-panel design. 

● The shoulder safety harness keeps the vest from sliding off the chest.

● Body gloves offer many colors and graphic designs for kids. 

● Buckled strap on the back keeps the paddle pals attached to the toddler’s body. 

● The water draining system is excellent.


Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Jacket-Back


What Customers Like About Body Glove Paddle Pals

We got through the comments of the verified users of body glove fishing vest, body glove men’s phantom life jacket, and body glove phantom because these products made this brand so popular among us. 

So most of the previous or current users of Body Glove were asking for something for the toddlers. And now, most think nothing can be better than a Body Glove life jacket 30-50 lbs because it ensures every safety measure, and kids like the graphics on it.


Some Issues about Body Glove Paddle Pals

It is only for a limited weight toddler-like 30-50 lbs, but a toddler’s stay between this weight range is not over 1 year, usually less than 6 months. So spending so much money on paddle pals doesn’t pay off much because, during that time, toddlers don’t learn to swim; they mostly enjoy the water. So you have again to purchase a body glove life jacket 50-90 lbs.

Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Jacket-Happiness

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Body Glove Paddle pals have Buckle guards?

Ans: yes, it is on the back side of the life jacket. You can secure the buckle from your toddler’s behind and see your toddler happily roaming in the pool.

Is the Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Jacket comfortable?

Ans: This paddle pal is made with polyester material, perfect for the toddler’s soft skin. Even it prevents chafing.


Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Jacket-Paddle Pals

Final Note

Paddle pals have extra vests on the chest and shoulders. These extra things ensure the best safety for the kids. If your toddler is thinner and the paddle pals don’t fit, don’t get tense. You’ll see a strap on the back of the paddle pals and tight it comfortably for your toddler.



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