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Stretches to do Before Swimming

Stretching will ease your muscles and prepare them for the workout you’ll go through for the next few hours. Swimming is one of the most challenging workouts, but following the proper way of starting swimming can cause harm to your muscles or cause injuries. So, what stretches to do before swimming is the most common ask from swimmers. By doing the stretches correctly, swimmers can feel relaxed in the pool. Look, any sport needs stitching before playing the game. Swimming is a sport, too; though other athletes swim to relax their muscles, we suggest doing some 5-minute stretches before swimming and getting the best performance from your body. So, Let’s go!



Stretches To Do Before Swim:

Do you need to stretch before swimming? Yes, we all do. Here, we will talk about the essential stretches that take less time but are effective for warming our bodies and muscles.

Tricep Extension

Tricep extension before swimming is basic stretching because the triceps are the main muscles for swimming. Furthermore, tricep stretching helps to warm up the surrounding muscles. To do tricep extension stretching:

  1. Bend one arm behind your back.
  2. Place their hand on the previous hand’s elbow.
  3. Push the elbow further with the other hand, try this process for 10 seconds or more, and then exchange your hands. 

We suggest you do this stretching 6-7 times and then go to the next stretch.

Tricep Extension Stretching Video Here:


Goal Post Squeeze

Another stretching that will help to warm up your tricep muscles. So raise your hand beside your head and bend down the elbow at 90 degrees. Now push your bending elbows in front of your head from beside your head.

Repeat this process 10-15 times.

Goal Post Squeeze Stretching Video Here:

Wall Press Stretching

What are the best stretches to do before swimming? Wall pressing your front shoulder is one of the best stretches before swimming. Place your right or left hand on the wall at shoulder height and keep your thumb facing upwards. Now bend down your elbow slightly and twist your body in the opposite direction of your hand. It means if you keep your right hand on the wall, twist on the left, and twist on the right if you have your left hand on the wall. 

Repeat this process a few more times and then change the hands.

Wall Press Stretching Video Here:


Swinging Arms

Searching for some good stretches to do before a swim meet? Arm swinging is the routine stretch before swimming. Because arm swinging is the major operation in swimming. To execute arm swinging perfectly, stand straight and stretch your arms side-wise.

Swing your arm inward 10 times and then swing the arms again 10 times outwards.

Swinging Arms Stretching Video Here:


Hamstring Stretch

This stretch eases your belly and waist muscles. To try this stretching, sit in a position where your one left remains straight and bend your other leg. You must bend your leg so the foot’s palm will touch your other leg’s thigh.

Now, bring your two arms over your head and keep the head straight. Then, try to reach the fingertips of the straightened leg with the fingers of your arms.

Repeat this stretch 10 times.

Hamstring Stretch Video Here:

FAQs on Stretches to Do Before Swimming

Are you supposed to stretch before swimming?

Ans: You must stretch before swimming; otherwise, you may have complications like muscle pulling or pain in your arms or legs. Stretching will ease your entire body in a way that the body will be able to take more workouts from your swimming.

What stretches are good for swimming?

Ans: Arm stretching, quad pull, goal post rotation, wall pressing, and tricep extension are good for swimming; these stretches are not hard to do and are a perfect warm-up for a long time.

swimming stretches

What are the 10 warm-up exercises before swimming?

Ans: It doesn’t mean you must do 10 warm-up exercises before swimming every time. It depends on your habits. If you do swimming frequently, then several warm-up exercises are okay.

But if you are back again in the pool after a very long gap, you must do core stretches like goal post rotation, wall press, tricep extension, arms stretching, quad pull, hamstring stretching, high hurdle stretch, etc.

How do you warm up before swimming?

Ans: we suggest you do arm and leg stretching, but if you feel like more stretching, then you can do seat up, hamstring stretching, arm swinging, etc.

warm up before swimming


Final Note on Stretches to Do Before Swimming

Finding the stretch to do before swimming is not a hard task, but other than doing too much stretching, try the basic and easier ones. If you have complexity in your muscles or you have pain, then trying the complex stretching is worth it. Hopefully, these stretches will give you confidence in the water.

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