Total Immersion Swimming

Total Immersion Swimming

Total immersion swimming refers to combining some modern techniques to be a swimmer like elite athletes. A vast number of professional swimmers think of total Immersion as a fantasy. But many swimmers fear this total immersion technique.

Remember that total immersion swimming techniques are not as scary as swimmers thought. This guide will cover the total immersion swimming technique, the importance of total Immersion, and the difference between total Immersion and regular swimming. So, let’s start.

What Are Total Immersion Swimming Techniques?

Total immersion swimming means moving through the water with highly efficient techniques. Total Immersion is one kind of training methodology for swimmers. This highly advanced method improves swimmers’ performance, Balance, and body position.

American swimming coach Terry Laughlin developed a total immersion swimming method for the general swimmer to get an exclusive swimming feel. As a result, the regular swimmer enjoys swimming like an Olympic athlete.

Terry’s immersion techniques teach a swimmer stronger strokes and powerful kicks. That means Terry changed the rules of traditional swimming and developed new and innovative rules for swimming. In common words, total Immersion means exchanging human-like swimming with fish-like swimming.

Total Immersion Swimming-Concentration

Differences Between Human-Like And Fish-Like Swimming

It is difficult for humans to adjust to the underwater environment. As a result, humans have to push against the water to breathe correctly. Fish-like swimming provides a hydrodynamic and comfortable environment. That means total Immersion or fish-like swimming allows a swimmer to swim naturally and comfortably.

Hence, note that fish-like swimming provides minimalist but effective swimming. As a result, you can move through the water without getting tired or worn out.

Total Immersion is a technology that creates a small hole in the water as you move and slip your body inside that hole. The expert swimming coach thinks total Immersion is comparatively effortless and convenient. Remember that streamlining, proper balancing, and propulsion are the main theories of total immersion techniques.

Why Do You Need A Coach For Total Immersion?

Almost all starter swimmers need a coach for total immersion training. Since total Immersion is a tricky procedure, the expert’s help is essential. A certified trainer can help to learn proper form.

Besides, your trainer will observe you so you won’t get injured or fall. The intermediate-level swimmer needs an immersion coach. But the beginner must need a coach. It doesn’t matter how much you are an expert in swimming; coach supervision ensures your safety.

Which Swimmer Should Try The Total Immersion Swimming Technique?

1) Total immersion techniques are important for dedicated swimmers who want to increase their endurance on the water surface.

2) Also, total Immersion is essential for swimmers who want to improve and streamline their swimming techniques quickly.

3) It ensures mindful training to align the swimmer’s body and mind. So, all swimmers can try to learn these techniques.

4) It is needed by swimmers who want to perform like an Olympic athlete without being an athlete.

5) Total Immersion is important if a swimmer wants to get out of traditional summing and learn modern-style swimming.

6) Besides, total Immersion is important for those swimmers who improve their skill to float on the water’s surface.

Total Immersion Swimming-Breathing

How Many Immersion Techniques Are There?

There are four types of immersion techniques for total immersion swim lessons:

1. Back Balance:

Back Balance is one of the attractive total immersion swimming for beginner techniques. This method requires you to keep your feet straight towards the back and your arms straight in front. Now, you can start rolling on your back.

Your face should be labeled on the goggles to breathe with your mouth and nose. Apply some mild flutter kick to keep your body floating on the water.

2. Sweet Spot:

The sweet spot is a popular total immersion swimming drill that will help you stay afloat inside swimming. You must rotate your torso left or right to take a breath properly. Then start with back rolling.

3. Fish:

Fish-like swimming helps to maintain Balance in your head-neck-and spine alignment. You should continue this style like sweet spot drilling. Keep in mind to float your cheek. Check if there are any problems with your breathing.

4. Skating Position:

In this style, you must lengthen your body like a long line from fingertips to the spine. Practice this style like the process mentioned above.

Video on Total Immersion Swim:


What Are Total Immersion Swimming Techniques?

Ans: Total Immersion is a specialized swimming methodology developed by Terry Laughlin. This method helps the swimmer to move through the water efficiently. Moreover, it helps to improve balance in the water and retain the body position correctly. Different types of total immersion drilling improve the swimmer’s performance and provide a better water feel.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Total Immersion Swimming?

Ans: It depends on your knowledge-gathering efficiency. But there is an average time that is needed to learn total Immersion. So, you might need 15 to 30 hours. You can distribute this time within two or three months.

Can I Learn To Swim In 15 Days?

Ans: An adult used to enjoying water requires 25-30 hours to learn basic swimming skills. On the other hand, this time can be prolonged for those afraid of water.

Final Words:

We hope you understand all about total immersion swim techniques. Total Immersion means learning new and innovative swimming tactics that help maintain Balance on the surface more efficiently.

Total Immersion is tricky but far more enjoyable than traditional swimming. After learning four main types of total Immersion, you can swim like an Olympic athlete.

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