TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack

TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack
TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack

A backpack is always needed for the youth as well as the students. If you are a swimmer, then you may search for a suitable backpack with features. However, this TYR big mesh mummy backpack is one of the best for its quality and features.

This big mesh backpack will allow you to bear small equipment as it is not suitable for heavy things. Moreover, this is a big net bag where you can see the beauty of this backpack. There are more features and specifications that you need to know.

In this context, you will get the mummy backpack review with specifications. This is going to be a dedicated review of this product. So, let’s start.

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The TYR swim bag comes with amazing features and specifications. You can have this bag not only for an affordable price but also because it is beneficial for the swimmers. Once you will see the features, you can relate this backpack with a useful kit for an everyday outing. So, let’s see what it offers.


Color :Royal
Bag Style :Shoulder Bag
Product Dimension :25.25×19
Brand :TYR
Item Weight :7.05 Ounces
Total Volume :40


Features of This Backpack

In this part, we will disclose all the amazing features that you are going to get from this TYR backpack. However, you will find this bag useful.

Outlook and Design

It comes with a beautiful design with mesh surroundings that increase the beauty of this backpack. Moreover, the color of the bag has a charming look. The manufacturers have added pockets in the front to keep swim goggles and a side pocket for a water bottle. So, if you think design-wise, then this is one of the best backpacks with an exclusive design.

Other models of this Brand have a slight difference in design and colorwise outlook, but the quality is the same for all.


This backpack is suitable for swimmers and GYM guys. Moreover, the athletes can also use this TYR bag for going out to practice. This bag has the quality to match the athletes, and if you need a backpack, this can be a suitable option. However, both males and females can use this backpack, but this is designed for males.

Not every backpack from this brand has been developed for particular uses like this one.

Zipper Quality

With the build quality, the manufacturers have maintained the zipper quality with respect to the zipper smoothness. You will get comfort while using this zipper. The smoothness of the zipper will let you use it for a short time and thus give you comfort.

Weight and Comfortability

It is a very lightweight backpack with extremely good material. The building material of this backpack has made this product more comfortable. Compared to other models of this backpack, this is one of the best for its lightweight and firmness. According to the users, the backpack has extra comfort and is very to use.


1. Is TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack built for the athletes?

Ans: According to the manufacturers they have claimed that this backpack is built for athletes who have less stuff to keep in a bag. This is a tinny bag with full flexibility, and this is also lightweight.

2. Should I buy TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack?

Ans: It depends on your demand whether you need a bag like this or not. However, if you need this type of backpack, then you can buy this backpack from TYR.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have found this TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack review helpful, and you are ready to buy this backpack for yourself. The price of this backpack is also reasonable; compared to other backpacks, it’s quite cheaper.

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